Be successful in sports betting

Why people lose cash in sports betting

Sport betting is the in-thing around now. Every sports lover is involved in one form of spors betting or the other. But the question is how many of those who are involve in this sports betting business are successful. Today you will hear a story of a sport betting player who made over a million and in the next few weeks all the money find their way back to the bookies pocket. Is not that the player does not know how to place bets or make accurate prediction of his choice sports. Is a known fact that the major reason while people lose cash in sports betting is lack of MONEY MANAGEMENT. But before we will look into this issue I will like to introduce myself a little. My name is Bright, I have been in this sports betting business for more than four year and within this period I have carried out series of research on how to be successful in sports betting. Initially, it was not easy for me until I came across the few points I will share with you soon. Since then life as a sports bettor has been good.
If you have been in this sports betting business for sometime you will attest that most time you do make a win but on the long run you still have not become successful. For you to be successful in this business, three things are required namely:

1) Good betting system
2) Good money management and
3) A very good plan that you need to follow religiously.

Lack of any of this will result to regrets in this business


Before you kickoff as a sports bettor you must first ensure that you have a very good system that will help you to succeed. There are many sports betting systems on the internet you can look up on your own. The only thing I will do for you here is to give you tips on how to sport a good system. When you go for a sports betting system, it does not necessary mean that you system must have a 100% win rate before it is tagged as a good system but ensure that your system has a very high winning margin of at least 80%. A sports betting system with high winning margin rate will help keep you on the winning track even if you encounter a few loss. For instance, my system made me 400% profit on a bet and this covers up for any loss that I may encounter on a short run. A good system must be able to do that. Am not here to sell a system to you but to advice and educate you on how to be successful in sports betting. If your system has a good return-on-bet of at least 300 - 400% it will help you to cover up few losses. Hit google and search out betting system that best suits you.


You will never be successful with the very best sports betting system if you lack a good money management. Good money management is one of the best tools that will help you to be successful as a sports bettor. Every bettor should have a money management plan that he follows religiously. For instance, I place bets of $100 only per bet and when I lose a bet I don't place another bet to see if I can recover my lost cash. Chasing loss bets is a very bad money management plan. I do hear people say that if the lose a bet of $100, they will place another of $200 - $300 so as to recover both the lost and the current stake. The question I always ask is, "what if you lose the bet?"If the bet is lost, you have ended up losing $300 - $400. A good money management system should help you know the following:

a) amount you need to stake per bet
b) percentage of your total cash you need to stake. For me I prefer 2 - 5%. If I stake 2% of my stake per bet, it will take me a 50 straight loss for my account to close up. With this percentage couple with a good betting system you will always be successful as a bettor.

There is a popular saying that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. This saying is also applicable to sport betting. Without a good plan you will still not be successful even if you have a good money management system. A good plan helps you to know the following:

a) The type of sports to bet on. If you chose for instance soccer then
b) the type of league to bet on
c) the clubs to bet on
d) When to withdraw
e) When to increase your stake
f) When to bet and when not to bet.

The question I will you to ponder is this: "Have you been successful in sports betting or not?" Answer it your self and reread the post and know where you are missing it and make amends. On my next post, we will look at how will can get a good betting system, the right money management and the right plan to excel as a bettor. Stay glued.

Be successful in sports betting