Be successful in sports betting

Using betting tools for our success

All involved long enough in sports betting know that the success depends on the information the bettor has. And we're not talking about information about who is injured and which player is in good shape, but we are talking about serious betting analyses covering different betting system and methods.

To develop such betting systems the punter needs to gather and analyze information about past matches which is a hard work if somebody wants to do it manually. Therefore you should use betting tools to do the job and for the bettor to remain solely to make the needed analysis. Of course the analyzing is the most important part of the job.

Where can we find such betting tools? Actually it is not particularly difficult, as on the internet we can find many similar proposals. The punter is only required to carefully evaluate all the different offers and choose those that suit them best for their needs.

Of course most of this betting tools are paid, but for their making is thrown hard labour, which ultimately should not remain unpaid.

You should carefully consider what you need before you buy a betting tool. This means you need to decide exactly for which sport you want information, about which leagues, which betting markets you are going to use, with which bookmakers you will work, etc. When you have that in mind, you will be ready to buy your betting tool and to get from it the most.

Moreover, if you know exactly what you want, you can order your own betting tool that can work only with your ideas. Since the author will be able to sell it in the future, the price won't be much more expensive and it will do for you a great job.

Using betting tools is a step forward for you to be a truly professional punter and to get the desired profit from sports betting.

Betting prediction for the rematch between Real Madrid and Schalke 04

Real Madrid hosts Schalke 04 in a protocol rematch of the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Champions League. After the thunderous victory with 6:1 as a guest, Real is now confident that they will go further in the tournament. I am sure that many people expected a victory for Real Madrid in the first leg, but hardly there was someone who really believed that the victory will come with five goals difference.

Basically to make betting predictions in the second leg matches after such results as the one in the first match is extremely difficult. In such matches the most important becomes the motivation with which the two teams will play the match. Another important factor that must be taken into account is the schedule of the teams and what they fight for in their home league.

Of course, the main goal for Real in Primera is the title. Right now, the team is on the first place, with three points ahead of the second team - Atletico Madrid. However, what is more important is that they are going to play on Sunday not with any other team, but with Barcelona. Of course, this would be a much more important match for Real than the protocol rematch against Schalke.

More than likely, the main of Real's players will be saved in this match, but this opens up new questions for anyone who decides to bet on this match. The players who normally don't play regularly for Real will have their chance in the match against Schalke. This means they would give everything to impress the coaches and will be highly motivated to perform good enough.

This shifts the focus and now the question is whether the second team of Real Madrid is able to beat Schalke 04 at Santiago Bernabeu? The answer is not easy, especially with the odds that the bookmakers offer.

A victory for Real Madrid in this match is estimated at 1.22 by bet365, which is the highest rate that can be found for this match. Bet at home offers 1.15 for Real, while William Hill gives 1.17. Schalke's chances in this match are estimated at 15 by William Hill and Bet365 and on 14 by Bet at home.

Personally, I'd skip this bet, but if you have to play it I would bet for a possible surprise. Hardly any other time I would have so easy match in which to bet at odds of 15 with such chances for success. Schalke 04 is not a team for odds of 15 and this is why my bet in this match will be to back them.

The draws percentages in the big soccer leagues

Do you wonder in which of the major football leagues in the world the percentage of draws is the highest? If so, I've taken care of that and I have gathered all the information you need. A few days ago I started checking which the championship with most draws is as a part of a betting strategy I want to try.

So if you decide to bet on draws in the matches of the championship of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, I am pretty sure you should think again. Indeed, the odds offered by the bookmakers and especially by bet365, Bet at Home and William Hill are good, but is this kind of betting profitable when we talk about these leagues?

Here is some data. The average percentage of draws in the matches between the best teams in Spain for the past three seasons is just under 23. This is expected at first glance, at least because of the large difference in the class of the two giants Barcelona and Real Madrid and all the other teams in the championship. Moreover, the group of three - four teams behind Barca and Real is also a class above the other teams in the league.

The situation in the Bundesliga is exactly the same. In the last years it became something quite common Bayern to make a series of 10-15 consecutive wins in the league. Dortmund also is a class above the rest and makes a lot of wins.

Also for these championships is typical the presence of two or three much weaker than the others teams, which also leads as a direct result of a low rate of draws in the matches.

The teams in the other two of the big leagues - the Premier League and Serie A in Italy are much more equal. The percentage of draws in this championship is around 27%.

However, the league in which we can find the most draws among the top five leagues in Europe is Ligue 1 in France. There, almost every third match is a draw.

So if you love betting on draws, your best league among these five is the French Ligue 1. Will you make some money by betting there is another topic?

Be successful in sports betting